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  • There is nothing impossible with Dustin if you are suffering of a work related injury. This attorney and his team are very professional they keep you informed during the whole process, my claim was rejected at the beginning but Dustin did not give up, he continued the process till I got my check the last month.I really appreciate his effort .Thank you so much :)
    Djihan A.
  • If you have a Worker's Comp. or Personal Injury issue I would definitely recommend Dustin and his team at Law-At-Your-Side. Dustin has great insight as to how everything will play out within the spheres of Worker's Comp. and Personal injury. So when he moves forward with your case everything is ready to go! And that is important because especially with W.C. a case can get bogged down in endless delays. My case was settled at the FIRST meeting! We had everything prepared and ready to submit. Settled for about twice what I had expected at the first meeting. What else can I say!? Check out Law-At-Your-Side! You won't be sorry! As a follow up to my previous review. (so this means Dustin gets 10 stars!) Dustin took the time to assist with some subsequent issues related to my case. This extra help is greatly appreciated. This man goes above and beyond! I'm serious! If you do not retain Dustin for your legal issues, you simply do not have the best.
    Timothy P.
  • Stop searching! Dustin is the best personal injury lawyer ever! I had the best experience with Law At Your Side. I was involved in my first car accident and Dustin and his team helped me throughout the entire process. With every question or concern I had, Dustin and his team were professional, friendly and honest. I'm so happy with the outcome. I definitely recommend him to anyone I know!
    Crystal P.
  • Soy Valentín Carranza estoy bien agradecido con el abogado DUSTIN SAIIDI se los recomiendo gracias por llevar mi caso muchas gracias. I am grateful to the lawyer DUSTIN SAIIDI. I recommend them. Thank you for taking my case. Thank you very much.
    Valentin I.
  • I highly recommend Dustin and his team for help with a workers comp case! Dustin always made sure to communicate with me through the entire process and ensure I felt comfortable. He was always available to answer my questions and frequently kept me updated on my case. I felt very confident with him representing me and am happy with the end result. Thank you to Dustin and his team for all the hard work!
    Dominique M.
  • Very professional, knowledgeable and kind. I brought a case to law at your side that was rather messy in that I had previously thought it a good idea to not seek representation and represent myself. This was a poor choice because insurance company's will legit lie because they don't think you'll understand you're rights but thankfully Law at your side took over for me and cleared everything up. They were easily available, responded to all my questions quickly and answered any and all questions and, even better, were available via text message. I highly suggest finding an attorney to represent you in workers compensation cases and there is no other attorney that I would more highly recommend.
    Kate P.