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What do I Wear to My Deposition

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You may have a deposition coming up, and you want to know what am I supposed to wear to my deposition?

Depositions are a very, very important part of your case. They’re basically the next most important thing aside from the trial. So what happens in the deposition is the insurance carrier and the defense attorney is going to be evaluating not just what you say, how you come across, and gathering information, but they want to know how do you appear, how would you appear in front of a jury or how would you appear in front of a judge. That’s what they want to know, how are you going to come across?

So if you show up to a deposition where you’re dressed sort of in non-professional clothes, let’s call it, that’s going to reflect on how you are going to appear. If you show up to the deposition dressed professionally, maybe even in a shirt and tie or a suit, that would be the ideal way to dress up because then you’re showing that you’re taking this case seriously, you’re looking professional, you’re presenting yourself professionally, and it creates both a conscious and subconscious impact on the defense attorney, on the insurance carrier, so they know that this is not someone that is going to show up. They’re going to be not really be seen as someone who’s a professional person, not be seen as someone who is really going to hurt their case.

So what I recommend is that you dress up, shirt and tie. That will be great. If you don’t want to dress up that much, at least try to go business casual or business professional. Wear some slacks, wear a colored shirt, and make sure you’re looking as professional as possible because that’s going to be an important part in terms of how you’re evaluated. There has been a lot of studies done on the subconscious impact of how you dress up, and generally speaking, when you dress up, you’re taken more seriously, you’re taken more professionally, and it has both again a conscious and a subconscious impact on the defense attorney, on the insurance carrier. They are the ones that are going to be evaluating your case. They are the ones that are going to be recommending if they want to settle and how much they would want to settle for. So the more you are able to demonstrate that professionalism and that credibility with them, the more it’s going to help your case.

So my recommendation is that you dress up, go shirt and tie if you can. If you’re a female, dress professionally, but at very minimum at least do business professional in your dress attire. Thanks very much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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