We help people who have been injured in the workplace, in a vehicle accident, of suffered other forms of personal injury to their body or mind get the fair compensation they deserve.

About us

Real Legal Help when You Really Need It

Law At Your Side is committed to being a go-to resource for your California worker's compensation and personal injury needs.

We help people get the recovery they need after a workplace injury, vehicle accident, any other personal injury suffered. We also help when dealing with workplace harassment or discrimination and if you have been underpaid.


At Law At Your Side, we are committed to helping ensure you get the recovery you deserve. We only charge a portion of the recovery we obtain for you. If we don't recover for you, we don't charge a fee.


We can help you in the areas of worker's compensation, vehicle accidents, personal injury, dog bites, discrimination in the workplace, and for your wage and hour claims.


If you were involved in a vehicle accident, slip and fall injury, attacked by a dog, or suffered other forms of personal injury due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation. You can recover for your medical expenses, lost time from work, emotional distress and hardship, and future medical or loss of time from work you may endure.


If you were paid less than minimum wage per hour, not paid proper wages, not paid for your overtime work, you may be entitled to additional compensation, penalties, and interest.


If you were fired or treated different because you reported a work injury or based on your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, pregnancy, disability, you can file a claim and receive compensation for the discrimination.